Team MayDay is the NEW AGENCY MODEL in brand response managing the entire process from the marketing and sales strategy to creative, production and media buying.  

We create campaigns that drive sales online and at retail. We tell branded stories to convert sales.  We build relationships for lifetime customers. 

We get a response.  And, if we don’t, we test and tweak until we do. 



you're paying for top talent, not extra cubicles.

We offer a partner model vs. an all-in-one agency marketing and creative experts curated for every project.


Direct response and informercial advertising was created to generate response.  The bigger the offer, the more unbelievable the offer, the bigger the sale.  And you didn’t have to go to stores to buy it as long as you called in the next five minutes.

Today, everyone is a retailer and direct to consumer is the norm. It’s not uncommon for women, especially Millennial women, to buy a lipgloss from one site and a new, natural deodorant from another.  


Direct response has changed.  At Team MayDay,




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